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How you can help

Donate to Globalgiving project of Patan CBR Organization

Individual Sponsorship

You can be a part of our regular contributor by sponsoring children. You can sponsor children in their needy areas like in education, transportation, lunch, medicine, physiotherapy etc.

Download individual Sponsorship Form

Help Voluntarily

Patan CBR is the destination for the international volunteers from all over the world. In an average 56 international volunteers come to serve in PCBR every year. The main work of the volunteers is to care CwDs. Those who have special skill can also apply for the volunteership. We accept skilled volunteers like Special Education teachers,Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Speech therapists, Physical therapists, Yoga teachers, English teachers etc. 

During their work in CBR, volunteers can work like, care, teaching mathematics and English, painting work, entertaining children, feed those who can not eat themselves, make walk specially for those who can not walk themselves, help in taking children from bus to class and from class to bus, play with children, administrative works like proposal developments, report writing, library managements etc. We highly welcome for the Fundraising experts.

During their stay volunteers can also participate in the the child sponsorship program. If you decided to contribute voluntarily please bring 2 photos, one Pass Port size and one auto size. 

Financial Help 

Patan CBR receives little financial help from the Nepal government and relies on grants and donations.

Examples of what your contribution will pay for include:

Train one new rehabilitation facilitator

(Rs 100,000)

Employ a facilitator for a year, including operating costs

(Rs 1,17,000)

Epilepsy drugs for a year for one child

(Rs 40,000)

A hearing aid for a hearing-impaired child

From $140
(Rs 10,000)

Books, uniform etc to enable a child to attend school

(Rs 78,000)

A pair of orthopaedic support shoes

(Rs 3,000)

A pair of crutches

(Rs 39,000)


Support a child for Physiotherapy for one year


$ 600

(Rs. 46,800)

A white cane for a sight-impaired child

from $20
(Rs 1560)

Sponsorship package for CWDs (link the sponsorship page)


(Estimated costs in US dollars and Nepali Rupees)

Current Needs (ranking)

  1. We have moved to the new building located in Shankhamul, Lalitpur. Still number of internal workes are remaining to complete. Due to the lack of resource lift could not be completed. The estimated cost for the lift is some Nrs. 4,000,000.00. click her
  2. Patan CBR has been providing bus services to the CwDs for the last 6 years which was donated by ONQ HR Australia. The van used to carry 16 CwDs. Now, Rotary International, Germany has provided us with one 26 seater Star Bus and we are searching for the donor for fuel and maintenance and annual insurance which amounts to some Rs.3,50,000.  
  3. Since we are not for profit making organization, we take a little charge for those children who can pay and we are serving freely for those who cannot pay and that's why we are not in the position to pay remuneration for the bus driver and the helper.
  4. From 2010 January onwards we are running physiotherapy clinic with the help of Rotary International, Germany. They are kind enough in providing the physiotherapy equipments but not the running cost. The cost of two professional physiotherapist and one physio helper salary is today's need. It costs NRs 5,40,000 (Us $ 6923)
A great Help from ONQ Human Resources, Australia

You can help Patan CBR Organization as ONQHR, Australia's staff are doing. Thanks a great for the regular monthly contributers of the staff of ONQHR.

Alec Morgan, Amber Desimone, Andrew Goodchild, Annie Johnson, Ash Simpson, Ashley Rixon, Cathy Ridd, Clare Strong, Collen Hopkins, Cullum Jordan, Danielle Gardner, Deborah Andrews, Dianne Smith, Don Coyne, Evan Harding, Greg Carroll, Kaylene Stanford, Kellie Simpson, Kerry Gwynne, Kylie Rooney, Leanne Dempsey, Lee Sims, Lisa Bateman, Loory Kelly, Louise Casson, Like Hernage, Nolin Freeman, Robert Rowe, Ros Phillips, Sally Dehn, Samantha Emery, Stephen Reade, Susan Clayton, Terry Cause, Trent Rees, Tricia Marr, Sebastian Crangle. 

Bank Details

You may make a donation direct to our bank:

Bank Name

: Nabil Bank Ltd.

Branch Address

: Pulchowk, Lalitpur

A/C Name

: Patan CBR Organization

A/C Number

: 0201017503646

A/C Type

: Current Account



You may, if you wish, donate anonymously. However, we will be pleased to hear from you - contact us at info@patancbr.org

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